Game Breeding

Woempa Game Breeders strives to contribute to the conservation and genetic diversity of rare game species through the breeding of the best disease-free genetic lines in:

  • Buffalo
  • Sable
  • Golden wildebeest
  • Roan antelope
  • Impalas – normal, white, black and saddlebacks
  • Nyala
  • Blesbok – normal, yellow and copper
  • Golden wildebeest and Zebras.

The legendary, Woempa 49” sable bull, which was Woempa Game breeder’s pride and joy, was one of the original three West Zambian sable bulls imported to South Africa. His progeny are off the most sought after animals now available to the industry. We are honoured to have gathered of the best breeding genetics from well know breeders across South Africa such as: Stud Game Breeders (Jacques Malan and Cyril Ramaphosa), Superior Game Breeders (Waltie van der Walt) and Sable Ranch. We are proud owners of the offspring of the legendary Woempa namely Espresso and Pirate.

Other outstanding animals are our Saddle back impala rams, Bullet and Capie as well as our White flanked impala ram which speaks of a class of its own. Our breeding projects are well managed and effort goes into keeping these animals in good condition and as close as to what nature could offer them at all times. The quality of genes we have in our breeding projects have earned respect and awareness amongst most breeders in South Africa. We cater for new entrants as well as for those seeking only the award winning, record breaking genetics. Our aim is to continue to produce healthy and vibrant animals by ensuring the genetic integrity of our herds.

Our mision is to breed well-balanced animals of exceptional quality. This means selecting breeding stock with not only impressive horn lengths, but also impressive body sizes.

We are committed to develop and plough back into this industry and are proud to be a member of Bloodline Game breeders association.