Right here hunters benefit from the results of intensive breeding programs over many years, resulting in exceptional trophy animals available for hunting. At Woempa Safaris we continue traditional hunting methods, maintaining the utmost respect for the animal. The most common forms being the stalking and wait at ponds or bait.

In addition to our highly professional rifle hunting, we are also experts in Bow hunting; all our hides are spacious and well camouflaged. We hand pick our Professional hunters and guides and believe in smaller groups to guarantee we do not oversee anything to make your experience unique. At Woempa Safaris our hunters step out to come into contact with exceptional quality animals that includes: all the animals available on our farm and this all without having to take any long drives to other hunting grounds. Woempa is an outfitter and a qualified professional hunter himself. Retief Lodge is known among other outfitters for its abundance of game and outstanding trophy sizes. We cater for the local hunters as well as for the international market. Families are welcome as we can arrange scenery tours, shopping excursions, elephant riding and many more activities to fill their day with excitement. Slaughter facilities are also available and is equipped for the capping of your trophies and as processing your meat.